Forgotten Loyalties 

a screenplay by JonHollis-Franks submitted on 11/30/2011 (action, crime)

A true story about cocaine, the DEA, and a family caught in the middle.


After years of hustling and a rise to the top of the cocaine industry in California, Ian Hamilton is faced with a tough decision: walk away now with enough money to live comfortably and raise his family or stay put and risk losing it all. With his long time friend Steve pleading with him to leave the game Ian decides to embark on one last deal that will net him $500,000. What he doesn't realize is someone close to him is about to crush his house of cards. With lives on the line, money at stake, and the possibility of going away for a long time, Ian and his crew must do what ever it takes to survive this one last sprint for the finish line.

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