Für Elise 

a screenplay by Gammon submitted on 09/14/2011 (drama)

A father summons his bickering sons home in an attempt to mend fences before their ailing matriarch checks out


JOHN RANDALL invites his sons home for a birthday – the last birthday his concert pianist wife, ELISE will ever have. The sons haven’t spoken to each other for years and, except for one, haven’t seen their mother in decades. The strong-willed matriarch with the maternal instincts of a rock and suffering from dementia, paranoid delusions as well as heart trouble and cancer, has no interest in deathbed reconciliations with “the flop, the flake and the fag.” The sons arrive: successful Michael, “the flop,” who built the lavish mansion and moved his parents into it while they were vacationing; JEREMY, “the flake,” a porn star gigolo; and ex-con CHAD, “the fag,” with his lover, ex-con Roland, and their 5-year-old son by a surrogate mother, GABE. As Elise says, “Randalls can turn anything into carnage,” and the weekend evolves into a take-no-prisoners battlefield.

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