Moonshine and Sakura 

a screenplay by carolynhawks submitted on 02/19/2012 (historical, romance)

Two different countries and cultures collide after WWII and a real life love story begins


In Marmet, West Virginia in 1920, Charles William Hawks is born into a poor family. Known to everyone as Bill, he fights and overcomes all odds and survives. Bill takes care of himself from the age of seven when his mother passes away. Bill survives by working on ferries, migrant farms and becoming a hobo. He eventually works at the CC Camp and joins the Navy. He survives WWII and the Korean War. He is proud to have served his country. Tabira, Japan, 1930, Yasuko Shibata is born into a family with Samurai heritage. Yasuko has a wonderful childhood until WWII breaks out. Everything she knew about her life changes. The loss of their land, her brothers and her friends, changes her life forever. Years after WWII in Nagasaki, Japan, Bill is introduced to Yasuko. Love blossomed between them and their love story begins. It's not a simple love story with differences in their cultures. Yasuko's parents are not happy with this relationship. Yasuko has already been promised to someone else in an arranged marriage. Yasuko defies her parents and marries Bill. It took the birth of their first daughter to reunite Yasuko with her family. After two more daughters were born, Bill gets orders to move to the United States. This creates issues between Bill and Yasuko's parents. Will Yasuko move to the States or will she give up Bill?

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