Sow The Wind 1 - Low Hanging Fruit 

a screenplay by RichRK submitted on 01/03/2012 (action, drama, political)

Al Qaeda aren't the only terrorists


A missile attack on an aeroplane in the skies above London causes chaos. The investigation gets underway, reaching some extremely surprising conclusions. Please note that Sow The Wind is intended as an ensemble piece for the small screen, and being set over two episodes on TV means that some of your normal act 1-3 markers etc won't quite fit. Part 1 of 2 but please don't be put off by that, this ep is perfectly readable as a stand-alone piece. Finally, apologies to transatlantic cousins for some of the British-isms! For the uninitiated, marmite is a foul and sticky substance extracted from brewer's yeast. It is spread on toast and eaten as a snack by impoverished Brits. It is thoroughly disgusting and in no way features in this film.

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