The Humane Facade 

a screenplay by CrabbyLady submitted on 06/27/2010 (drama)

Read this version at your own peril. Rough - and I do mean rough - first draft.

spotlighted on 09/01/2010


This version of a group of monks visiting San Francisco and staying with Mildred Sheperd and her son Jason, who neglect to mention that Samantha, daughter and sister, is a violent schizophrenic who roams the streets, has LOTS of formatting errors (I was in too big a rush to post it) and I freely admit that. I had to remove a better amended version, due to the fact that both versions made the Top 10, that's a no no on this website, had to be removed. Reviews and critiques on the STORY and CONCEPT are still welcome however, so please bring 'em on and I thank you!

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