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I write short, breezy, irreverent comedies. And some artsy stuff, too. Oh. I also love 90's Nickelodean....


I write short, breezy, irreverent comedies. And some artsy stuff, too. Oh. I also love 90's Nickelodean.

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  • by sedawson4 on 08/11/2011
    OK, the title combined with the dog pictures made me laugh out loud from the beginning. I enjoyed this screenplay-- like your other one, it's well-written with short dialogue/descriptions that make it easy to read. Everyone had distinct personalities: Ronald was hilarious and cool. Billy's Mom was a friendly airhead. The Grandpa would definitely be a scene stealer if this was... read
  • A review of Lack of Direction
    by sedawson4 on 08/10/2011
    This was an interesting and quick read, but I think you can have a LOT more fun with it! Maybe read the Tropic Thunder script to get a better idea of just how crazy you can make hollywood characters in the movie-within-a-movie idea? A character like Les Grossman becomes an instant, hilarious classic... no reason why you can't make Levi more like him. Make Danny more meaty,... read
  • A review of Wrapped In Shadows
    by sedawson4 on 08/09/2011
    What an interesting story, the ending literally had my mouth drop. A twisted, strange finale that really worked and came out of nowhere in those last few pages--fantastic! OK so, overall it was a fun read. Loved the length, the writing, the dialogue, the characters. It's funny because normally this kind of script wouldn't attract my attention, but as I progressed it just kept... read
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  • f-ceska on 08/11/2011

    Thank you very much for your review of the Gospels of Eibhlin. You ask me what my goal is... I'm not sure - I try to be realistic, but I know what my dream is. Surely the dream of any screenwriter is to see their baby come to life on the screen! Wouldn't that just be great! (Yeah, keep dreaming!)
    Well I'll keep writing at any rate. Good luck with yours. I hope I get assigned one soon. Seems like we have similar thoughts about several of the last SPs we've commonly reviewed!
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