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Have loved movies since childhood. Would rather watch movies than work (who wouldn't). Would rather dream about having an SP turned into a movie than sleep. Finished first screenplay July 2010!...


Have loved movies since childhood. Would rather watch movies than work (who wouldn't). Would rather dream about having an SP turned into a movie than sleep. Finished first screenplay July 2010!

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  • by sethhudson on 04/07/2012
    A fun story - very visual and witty. Comedy is tough and I laughed out loud a couple of times. It will be funnier on stage than on page. Format is good. There are some homonym errors (their/there, than/then, fallow/follow) and a couple of typos in the last third. I found I got tired and my own SP was pretty messed up in the final 20 – 30 pages. You might want to start proofing... read
  • A review of "MUFFIN CLUB"
    by sethhudson on 10/10/2011
    I have a confession to make. I read most of your SP, I made it to the end, but the verbosity and format ultimately defeated me. I could not write a mystery to save my soul so I have nothing but admiration for anyone who can. I liked most of what I read, but there was so much of it! I liked the idea of the burned-out quasi-retired priest and the ladies’ auxiliary detective... read
  • A review of Brothers of Stone
    by sethhudson on 05/14/2011
    An unbelievable mash up of modern language and concepts ("Go to Hell") in a decidedly pre-Christian era, Brothers of Stone is a stolid tale of family relations, bear urine and revenge. However, with so many characters and such unfamiliar names, it's an effort just to keep everyone straight. Format could use some improvement. Please consider eliminating a lot of the descriptive... read
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  • stephjones on 03/24/2014

    Hey Seth

    Thanks for reading and reviewing SL!
    All the best,
  • neal0018 on 02/23/2014

    Hi Seth,
    You reviewed my 'The Cloud Factory'.

    Thank you! Thank you for your kind words. For your encouragement. For your insights and advice. And for your good wishes.

    My first draft was 167 pages. And guess what mostly got cut? Jenny's problems at home (with her sexist ol' grampa who tried to shackle her to home and hearth) and the rest of it was flying stuff. I loved the flying stuff, too, but I got told by pro readers that no exec on the planet would ever read it at 167, the Wisconsin stuff didn't add to the story and the romance was where it get attention. So I peeled it like a darned onion.

    So much of what's in there is in fact true, too. The 'Benares', the ship wth the children. All true.

    The first ATA-girl to die (Elsie Davis) and her RAF instructor crashed because of a carbon monoxide leak; June, 1940.

    Amy Johnson died how it's told, but I couldn't show it because it wasn't her story and it would've added heaps to the budget. I'd have loved to have shown it.

    Winnie was the first woman to fly a Hurricane, and she really did emerge from it, with her cut-glass sharp British accent, and announce to all and sundry, 'It's a lovely little aeroplane, darlings!' Four of the women flew it that day, then it broke down.

    The Hurricane was responsible for 80% of the kills against the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain. Lovely's not the first word that comes to mind. But that's what they were like. I read the autobiographies of 2 and non-fiction works about the ATA written by 2 others. They were an amazing bunch. There is a tv series about them stuck in development hell in Britain.

    Thank you again, Seth,

    Ange Neale.

  • TheLastGlance on 10/19/2012

    Thank you so much for your awesome review of Dying Daily. Forgive me, but this will be a long comment.

    A lot of reviewers ask why Eric & Ana got together and what their past was like. Glad you mentioned it because I guess I really do need to put that in there some how, it's just a bit hard without adding expository dialogue or another flashback. They actually do have a story, I just have yet to fit it in.

    About Trent. I've been working so hard on this guy. In my first three drafts he was just pretty much a complete asshole and got called every name in the book by reviewers so, I had to make him a tad bit softer. Maybe I need to work on him some more.

    I really, really thank you for your suggestion of shortening that scene with Trent watching Ana in the bar. Who knew it could be that simple and effective. Nice! Also, I am pretty directy, I know. You should have seen my first two drafts. Just ridiculous with the direction I was giving. I will go back through and take a look at what you mentioned about my annoying hanging phrases at the end of my sentences.

    Okay, so, sorry for the long comment. I don't usually go on like this but your review was killer and I wanted to respond accordingly. Again, thank you very much. Your time means a lot to me.


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