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  • A review of Forget-Me-Not
    by shep96 on 03/17/2004
    As my mother would say, "Oh, for cute." It was a nice piece. Good story and Morgan was a good performer. the woman wasn't up to the caliber that Morgan was at. It made her stand out even more. The music was sweet, very tender. This looks like pro-work. I will give it a B- overall because it was pro-work. If this was an amatuer I would give it an A-. One of the better... read
  • A review of A Contemporary Mind
    by shep96 on 03/17/2004
    bad execution. If this film took you more than an hour to do than look elsewhere for work. Otherwise rock on! It was a comentary on the remote control generation. Let me guess IMovie... Right? Did you do this for a class. Let me be very honest. Do you have any idea what it takes to be a filmmaker? It means busting you hump for many years, serving some dolt who thinks... read
  • A review of IMAGE
    by shep96 on 03/05/2004
    This movie definately had my attention the whole time. Although I found it unrealistic, it did captivate my attention. I found it weird that the guy stared at the little girl for such a long time and didn't take her picture. Also, it seemed odd that the second driver didn't say anything and had such a mute reaction. Overal, I liked the movie.
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