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This is what I want on my tombstone: an arrow (it can point either left or right) and beneath the arrow these words -- "I'm with Stupid."...


This is what I want on my tombstone: an arrow (it can point either left or right) and beneath the arrow these words -- "I'm with Stupid."

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    by Shook on 04/04/2011
    Once again, Fuzzy Face, you've cranked out a brisk read with sharp characters. And once again, I've got some notes. First off - can't say I'm in love with the title. I don't have a suggestion for you, I just don't like it. I think we see more of Tip-of-the-Horn than Eagle Help. And is this HIS story? Sarah's? What's the through-line? Indian converts and then reverts... read
  • by Shook on 04/18/2010
    Well, I have to hand it to ya. That ending is not a mistake or an accident – you went for the melodramatic double-downer, complete with explanatory speeches. Seriously tough in your face no-you-don't-get-your-happy-ending-too-stinking-bad choice. Bold. Very very bold. But no. I didn't buy that as the choice that either of them would make, especially after the scenes... read
  • A review of DRACULA
    by Shook on 01/08/2010
    WARNING: This review violates TS review protocol in that it contains things not directly addressing the SP in question; unless poetic jealousy can be considered pertinent and constructive, you must report this review to the Hall of Justice at once. But it's only a Free Will....SO BITE ME!! It has been a LONG time since I read Stoker's original, but I, too, have seen gobs... read
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  • Vincent Tuckwood on 10/19/2011

    Shook - you're more than welcome and thanks for taking the review of 7 Days in the spirit it was intended. I'm a great fan of constructive disagreement, so if you do want to DM me to discuss further, feel free - I'm a commitment to artists delivering their best work.
  • Gary Wright on 07/24/2011

    Shook wrote:
    Hey, Fuzzy Face.
    I am sensing a theme. With the new Labs layout, a new face - first The Bard (both literate AND fuzzy), and now....Grand Daddy Geico? Is this "Avatar of the Day" thing something you do with your morning coffee?
    Anyway, I like it!

    Hey Scott,
    Sorry I didn't get right back to you - I meant to, but then I kinda forgot.
    I was just playing around with some images I like, trying to get a feel for how TS Labs works. We australopithecines hate change, you know. The current avatar is actually inspired by my current gig - I'm doing a first-draft take on some guy's bigfoot idea. So the similarity to previous avatars is pure coincidence.
    Unless, of course, it isn't?
  • DebraSwan on 06/15/2011

    It's up! Thanks for motivating me to take this next step.

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