A Life in Balance 

a short film by JNoble13 submitted on 09/07/2011 (documentary, foreign)

An introverted man reaches people's hearts and interacts with them through the art form of rock balancing.


Kent Avery overcomes obstacles in his own life by creating improbable rock statues along the seawall of Vancouver. His denial to explore possibilities and his strong introvert nature are both negative traits that he disposed of the moment he balanced stones for the first time. This gave him the belief that anything is possible, even changing oneís life around. It all started when I was riding in my bicycle around Stanley Park and stopped to see why people had gathered at the seawall. I quickly realized that they were all taking in the amazing act of stone balancing by Kent Avery. Without hesitating I knew that his work had to be documented, so I let him know about it and he was more than willing to establish a relationship with me In the goal of making a documentary. So with the help of my producer Scott Brown we quickly realized that we didnít just want to document the technical side of stone balancing but also the aspects that were more meaningful to him personally and to others. So we wanted to add his struggles in his own life and how he overcame them through stone balancing. Also we wanted to mention the magical aspects of stone balancing and the meditative process required to do them. We believed that these stones changed a lot of peopleís perspective on life and in a way transformed his by giving him a chance to relate to people on many different levels. So we also focused the film mainly on him and how he kept his own balance in his life, almost as if the stones had balanced him instead of the other way around. His rock balancing has touched many peopleís hearts in Vancouver and other parts of the world, some people have been close to tears at the moving experience. So I thought a very fundamental thing to cover was that transformation power that the stones had on his life as well as the lives of others.What I wanted to achieve with A Life In Balance was to open peopleís minds into believing that anything is possible. Kent Avery and his amazing rock balancing statues were a great way to portray that idea. I wanted them to feel in awe as they saw him create those improbable statues and the beautiful panorama of stones along the seawall. At the same time, Kent Avery has a very interesting life with different fears and obstacles that he overcame with the help of his wonderful artistic expression. I wanted to explore all aspects of his craft in a simple or peaceful yet poetic way.Through rock balancing Kent Avery was able to connect with people more and explore the endless positive possibilities this art form had in store for him. Finally I wanted to portray that gentleness and peaceful energy that the stones evoke. When you see the stones balanced like that it feels like for a moment nothing else matters and they take you on that emotion of endless possibilities. I wanted to approach these stones and this manís life with the attitude that anyone can achieve balance in a world that is largely out of balance. Kent Avery is living proof, that through any creative expression one can strive for happiness. Just as he changed his life around through his magical pillars one can do so by having a positive outlook on the possibilities life offers.

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