Case #3756 

a short film by that_script_guy submitted on 01/18/2012 (crime, mystery/suspense)

A killer becomes obsessed with a media reporter while manipulating the police with video tape of his crimes.

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The story begins with a couple playfully engaged in an intimate moment unaware that a cunning serial KILLER is watching their every move. When the boyfriend discovers the Killer hidden in the closet, it initiates an all out blood bath caught in its entirety by the Killerís camera. Then we go to the scene of an actual police investigation. Special Agent ANDREA CORBET and Detective KEVIN JOHNSON are busy searching for any clues. The Killer left them with a gory mess as well as a glimpse of the demented rampage yet to come. Next we are taken along as the Killer stalks JESSICA THURMAN. Patiently he waits for her to be alone. Sensing his opportunity, the Killer forces her into his van. While Andrea and Kevin are busy working a line-up of possible suspects, the Killer avoids suspicion during a routine traffic stop. The Killer finds a secluded spot to record Jessicaís final terrifying moments. Kevin and Andreaís efforts are further stalled when the Killer manages to seize a copy of the police evidence tape. WENDY ASHLAND , a beautiful reporter, becomes the object of the Killerís affection as she digs for the truth. With each successive murder and the resulting media hype, the Killerís acts become more bold and daring. As the Killerís perspective of reality rapidly deteriorates he foolishly believes that Wendy loves him. In a final act of validation, the Killer abducts Wendy. As the authorities close in, the Killer becomes even more unpredictable. This pressures Kevin and Andrea towards a final desperate confrontation with the Killer.

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