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Hey, just a struggling screenwriter trying to break in like the rest of ya! I love writing thrillers, comedies, horror and drama. And I'm harmless....


Hey, just a struggling screenwriter trying to break in like the rest of ya! I love writing thrillers, comedies, horror and drama. And I'm harmless.

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  • by silverberetta17 on 11/02/2009
    Well, well, well. I was very excited to delve into my first Bob script. I've heard great things about your writing...but finally needed to see one for myself. Bob, you write exceptionally well. Your descriptions and actions are crisp and succinct. You get to the point in every scene and that's wonderful. Of course you know that already. Your dialogue is very good. I mean... read
  • A review of America Lost
    by silverberetta17 on 04/19/2008
    This review is especially difficult for me because while I agree with the message here, the story and characters do not work for me at all. Overall, there was way too much talking, nothing really going on that moved me, and stock characters that didn't do anything for this material. A huge disappointment. I couldn't get over your heavy-handedness of this argument here. Let... read
  • A review of Out of Context
    by silverberetta17 on 03/24/2008
    I wanted to watch this short because the synopsis seemed eerily similar to a script I'm working on. Having said that, I think this is a neat little short. I liked all of the shots as it kept me intrigued as to what the mystery here was. The acting was all good, and this is a very well made piece from a technical standpoint. Now I think there might be one too many lines devoted... read
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  • themanager on 12/01/2010

    You're definitely on the right track with the internship. That's a fabulous way to learn about the business. If it's non-paid, try and turn it into a paying job, and network, network, network.

    If you're outside Los Angeles, try and use this as a stepping stone to get here if you can. Always keep moving up if the opportunity presents itself. Don't listen to anyone who tells you it doesn't matter where you live, a foolish opinion that would only find purchase on the internet. For a beginning screenwriter, it matters a lot, and you'll learn that once you arrive inside the studio zone. If it's impossible, then mitigate that unfortunate circumstance however you can.

    Write every day and turn off the internet when you're writing, lol. It will make a huge difference.

    Good luck!
  • DEVELOPEXEC on 05/25/2010

  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 05/06/2010

    Yo Nick - it was my pleasure, buddy. Meeting you was less so, but what's a guy to do? ;-)
    Hope you can make it down for Oktoberfest.
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