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I came, I saw, I fluffed it a few times but I keep trying....


I came, I saw, I fluffed it a few times but I keep trying.

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  • by Simon_Radford on 12/17/2008
    That's the way to do it, make your money on the M62. A convincing and engaging enough piece, even if it sought the pace it lacked at times. Us boyz in da hood would know. Nice concept. A true story of social degradation, perhaps lacking the level of violence, both verbal and physical that could accompany it. The characters are recognisable but perhaps a bit of a shadow at... read
  • A review of Restoration
    by Simon_Radford on 12/16/2008
    Hi, I truly found that a nice piece. If it was written from the heart, then fair enough. If it was written from pure imagination, well done. If you've read Camus or the like then you'll appreciate this. One garden, one man, one restoration. The character building, whilst in the third person mostly, is good. The (ex) Wife is perhaps a little underplayed but still there. The... read
  • by Simon_Radford on 12/16/2008
    Hi, I will print this out and give it to my friend, who's had a Hog's head every Christmas since I've known him. Well you apparently know how to butcher a hog although most of your reade4rs won't have tried it. You do appear to enjoy your work and I truly found this an interesting read. The problem you will have, unless I haven't got it, is that this is an instruction manual... read
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  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 12/12/2011

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks so much for the review of my story "Jesse". I really appreciate it! All the best for your own work.

  • Point_and_shoot on 01/01/2009

    Alright dude - whats up? Happy New Year by the way. You seem to have taken down One Will Die. When i came to your profile page i was like what was the connection i was making with this guy and some of the themes in my submitted stories again? Its all gravvy anyhow i saved it after i opened ill read it now. Doing a re-write?

    Yeah there wasnt enough described violence i know. But at the same time i was also trying to write in a way that continued the tone and fashion the journalist of the article was using, but taking away the DRAMA FACTOR. Like i said in the synopsis there was something about how they write and print these kind of stories that really use terms, opinions disguised as facts to really sell it to you.

    So i wasnt trying to sell anything, thats why i steered way from explicit or overt violence. At the same time using words the article used such as; swung, grab, smash etc to ask the readers that; if i used them in a different context with the same people of the article would it have the same effect?
  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 12/28/2008

    Simon_Radford wrote:
    There is a fine line between experimental writing and incomprehensible stupidity, I chose the latter.

    Hi Simon..........I'm not sure I agree with the "incomprehensible stupidity" remark. You tried, many wouldn't have. Just the effort of giving it a shot is admirable. Experiemental writing is rare to non-existant on here. I read enough to happily read your work again if it finds its way into my assignments list.

    I hope you had a good xmas, and I hope the New Year is a good one.

    All the best - Mike
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