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  • A review of Formalities
    by soupcat on 02/23/2003
    I just don's get it. I mean, I see the metaphor, but it takes far too long to make the point. This is the predominate problem overall: there is a single idea, and it's not a very interesting one on it's own. For such a minimalist statement there needs to be another element, another layer - camera movement, or more dynamic transitions and editing. The music, I'm afraid, adds... read
  • A review of Cardiac
    by soupcat on 02/23/2003
    This film is great!. I thought the direction, editing, and the look of the film were all crisp and tight. Completely entertaining. Reminded me, somewhat, of Repo Man. My only criticism would be that it was a little slow. The pacing is constant throughout. I� also impressed with the quality of the digital stream.
  • A review of Inventing: Music
    by soupcat on 01/24/2003
    This wasn't bad, considering the subject of the sad-sack exaggerating a story to impress a girl scenario has been done so many times. It's always a danger to tackle a concept that is so used, but the performances and writing elevate the film overall. I particularly liked the scenes where Bill first gets up to perform (plugging in his bass got the biggest hoot out of me). Unfortunately... read
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