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I received my MA in Liberal Studies from Dartmouth College in 1995. I specialized in Fine Arts (mostly drawing and painting but also some 3D conceptual pieces) and Creative Writing (mostly short fiction). I have a BFA degree in Communications Design (Ad...


I received my MA in Liberal Studies from Dartmouth College in 1995. I specialized in Fine Arts (mostly drawing and painting but also some 3D conceptual pieces) and Creative Writing (mostly short fiction). I have a BFA degree in Communications Design (Ad Design) from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. I write short fiction mostly although I have written some non-fiction, longer fiction and screen/teleplays. I have many projects in various stages of development. I am planning to apply to MFA programs (or possibly a PhD. program) in Fine Arts or Creative Writing. By the way, Dartmouth College has an excellent MA in Liberal Studies program that has a Creative Writing track for those interested in receiving a degree that is both rigorous and rewarding. The program at Dartmouth, while it has changed since I was a student, has become more "writer friendly" in recent years.

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  • A review of Dollface
    by talfier1@comcast.net on 08/28/2009
    Mr. Wheeler's story is the start to a longer work. The beginning seemed more like it was part of her imagination than the supernatural. I am not sure I see the supernatural there at all. The second part merely hints at the possibility of the supernatural rather than anything concrete. I think the doll needs to be more of a character. Then you will really be going closer to... read
  • A review of A Dangerous Mind
    by talfier1@comcast.net on 08/27/2009
    Mr. Garry's story is a good start to a longer work. I think that the story could go deeper into the main character's disturbed mind. Maybe include an internal monologue rant in his apartment. I am not sure if there is a chance for "hope" in his mind if he is killing like a machine or puppet especially if he is killing his friends and relatives. If there is a concept of right... read
  • A review of Clickety Click
    by talfier1@comcast.net on 08/27/2009
    I have no problem with experimental works but this seems more like a filmic, "Burgess-esque" character study than a story. I may be wrong but I got very little "story" from your submission. The writing obviously is unique in approach but there is little use in the way of explaining your little verbal "quirks". There are some punctuation errors and a few other problems from... read
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  • missmaughan on 12/02/2009

    Thank you for your review of Origination of Being. I agree with you that it is a rough draft at best. I do need to add some more element. I hear often that I should ad characters. I'll be working on it. There will be another copy that is much better. Just needs some patience. :)
  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 09/03/2009

    Hi Tom,

    First & foremost, many thanks for the review of A Novel Affair. I appreciate the time youíve taken to list the grammar errors. The story was posted last year, and after talking to several other TS members I ordered The Elements of Style, which is helping me tremendously.

    Now on to that Proposal Review. I have no objections to a negative review. I think ĎA Novel Affairí received at least three, but all three went on to tell me what they didnít like, and why the story failed for them.

    The issue I do have with your review is that you havenít been constructive. You havenít mentioned character, you havenít mentioned dialogue. Is the dialogue unrealistic? Are the characters wooden?

    Iím also unclear on why youíve made some offensive remarks. All Iíve done is write a story, so what exactly is it that I need to get out of my system? This is a term we use in England when somebody has a festering issue burning away inside them, and they need to talk to someone to get over the problem. I can assure you I donít have any problems.

    Secondly, why the cheap shot at the end about the hooker? Why would I want to use one? The act at the end isnít anything to do with sexual gratification, itís an endearing unpleasant act, to try and ease someoneís discomfortÖÖthatís exactly what love is.

    Can you give me a valid reason not to HOJ your review?

    Did you miss something? Iíd like to think, Yes. The Proposalís credits are gone, itís only at this stage that the true ranking position of the story becomes apparentÖ.itís ranked at 13. Iím proud of that.

    Reading between the lines, I get the impression that you believe a story told in this style, has no place anywhere. The deliberate reason for my approach was an attempt at taking a stereotypical clichť, turn it on itís head, and push the boundaries in an extreme exaggerated way.

    My next submissions will probably be more mainstream.

    Please be assured that if your work comes my way, it will receive an honest and fair assessment, and will not be biased in any way as a result of your review. Iíd also have no issues, if you were to review other works of mine, but please be constructive.

    I too apologise, and I hope you have a good day.

  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 09/02/2009

    Thanks for your review of Shrink to Fit. That line is a bit too on-the-nose. Will try to rework that so it is less preachy. Thanks!
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