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Aspiring filmmaker living in L.A....


Aspiring filmmaker living in L.A.

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  • A review of Horoscopes (r)
    by thomastrace03 on 05/16/2013
    I enjoyed reading your script. It was a fast read and kept me intrigued. The premise is high concept and probably has good market potential. I think the story, characters and dialogue could be further developed in order for this script to reach its maximum potential. A lot of “mosaic” type movies follow the same formula as your script – take a theme such as a holiday, concept,... read
  • by thomastrace03 on 07/09/2011
    Mr. Hamilton’s book shop was a very fun read. You have a great concept and a captivating plot. However, the story can be confusing and unclear at times. If you clear up the confusing elements of the story, I think you will have a solid script. Like I mentioned, your premise- a group of teenagers discover a magical bookshop where the books you read reveal the past and future... read
  • by thomastrace03 on 07/03/2011
    “How I Became a Gambling Man” is a lighthearted screwball comedy, which means that people will mainly base their assessment of this script on its’ humor. Unfortunately, I think the comedy in this script leaves a lot to be desired. The dialogue is not very witty, ironic, outrageous, etc. so it does not add much in terms of humor. The situational humor often times seems generic... read

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  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 05/20/2013

    My apologies for the confusion. I did read the entire script, but there were a lot of notes I had down and I didn't want to overload you with too much. You have a lot to work with in your script that is good. You have a strong and active protagonist and a great theme of science versus religion, which is not easy to pull off. it is structurally sound. I'm sorry if i didn't make that point in the review. It's just a dense read as of now. I strongly believe it can get better there was just a lot going on. Hopefully there's enough in my review you can work on.

    Again apologies if it seemed vague.
  • jayelveejr on 05/16/2013

    Thank you for reading and reviewing Horoscopes, appreciate it and glad you enjoyed parts of it. Best of luck.

  • crossroads79 on 05/16/2013

    Thanks for the review of 'Lefty...' I appreciate your time and thoughts. In addressing the overal premise, the law states that whomever possesses the ticket is the winner, regardless who buys it. I remember a news story some years ago about this type of situation. A customer found a winning ticket in the trash of a restaurant and the establishment's owner/manager sued for a cut since it was on his 'property'. As for the rest of the story -- I knew this wasn't going to fly with everybody as you can see with the reviews. Thanks again and good luck to you.
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