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Aspiring filmmaker living in L.A....


Aspiring filmmaker living in L.A.

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  • A review of House of Graves
    by thomastrace03 on 07/29/2014
    I enjoyed reading your script. You’ve got a lot of intriguing elements which gives your script a lot of potential. I could see this being made into a movie that I would really enjoy. I think there a few things that you could improve on to make your script even better. As I mentioned your script has a lot of intriguing elements – gangsters, rappers, strippers and a black market... read
  • A review of History
    by thomastrace03 on 07/22/2014
    You’ve got a solid script. It’s one of the better ones I’ve read on this site. Your script is well written, fast-paced, concise and funny. There a few things I would change but overall it is good script. Your script is just as good as a typical romantic comedy you would see in the movies, which is kind of a good and bad thing to me. Probably the most important element of... read
  • A review of Robinson's Cruesoe
    by thomastrace03 on 07/21/2014
    I like the overall premise of your story. It is lighthearted and fun. I think your story also has a good message that most people would agree with – true happiness does not come from material things. I like the fact that Robinson, an extremely rich man, loses everything but finds true happiness while living on a deserted island. The premise and message of your script set the... read
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  • Londergan on 07/29/2014

    Thanks for your review of 'House of Graves.'

    You've made some very valid points with the development of characters and story itself, through you saying this I've taken the time to fill the holes and have it all make sense on itself.

    As far as them storing dead bodies in the houses, well... Let's just say that might be how some families do business... I'll incorporate dialogue that'll make it more clear why they do it in a traditional fashion.

    I do intend for this to be a dark script.

    This story takes place through the Winter and ends in Spring, through my studies, incorporating anything unique about Detroit is up to a director, for this is only a blue print and the main goal is to sell the idea of my script.

    As for the Mayor, he's based off our previous Mayor who is in jail for corruption, murder, adultery, bankrupting the city, and about 40 other charges so I don't feel that's unrealistic.

    Thank you for pointing out the dialogue, I guess 'B' is outdated now

    Jaguar is based off the rapper, Blade Icewood.

    Everything you had to say definitely got me thinking where I went wrong and I will fix these errors as soon as possible.

    Best of luck to you as well.

  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 05/20/2013

    My apologies for the confusion. I did read the entire script, but there were a lot of notes I had down and I didn't want to overload you with too much. You have a lot to work with in your script that is good. You have a strong and active protagonist and a great theme of science versus religion, which is not easy to pull off. it is structurally sound. I'm sorry if i didn't make that point in the review. It's just a dense read as of now. I strongly believe it can get better there was just a lot going on. Hopefully there's enough in my review you can work on.

    Again apologies if it seemed vague.
  • jayelveejr on 05/16/2013

    Thank you for reading and reviewing Horoscopes, appreciate it and glad you enjoyed parts of it. Best of luck.

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