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Retiring from journalism to take up screenwriting is the best decision I made all last year....


Retiring from journalism to take up screenwriting is the best decision I made all last year.

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  • by Tim Groenendyk on 01/04/2011
    If you like monsters, crass one-liners, and necrogerontophilia then Monster Mash - Monster Squad meets Clerks B movie - is for you. This script is also possibly the first time I've ever encountered a dog suppository. I didn't know they practiced that in Ancient Egypt? Either way, congratulations on creating a new film trope! The script starts off well with smooth characters... read

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  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 01/23/2011

    .Hi Tim,

    I haven't read Volger although Syd field "Screenplay" is widely referred to in the industry. Blake Snyder "Save The Cat" is an easy lesson on structure and what turning points should happen by certain pages in a script.

    Go to Youtube and search: Michael Hauge, Chris Volger "Hero's 2 Journeys. Begin at Stage 1 & Turning Point. There are 6 different 5 minute clip / lessons on structure. Hauge breaks down the movie "The Firm" into its basic structure principals. It's educational & fun to watch.

    Hauge's associate Ginger Earle has a great blog on screenwriting with archived pages on structure, dialogue, writing, character etc. You can find it at: Whythisisgood.com

    In my opinion, "Story" by Robert Mckee is the most substantial book there is.

    Good Luck!
  • Johnstone82 on 01/20/2011

    Not a problem. I thought maybe the bolded lines were a conversion problem, because they appeared in the strangest parts. However, I figured you would probably want to know about it.

    And funny thing about the phone: I forgot to mention Jack Bauer in my review. Oh well.

  • Johnstone82 on 01/11/2011

    It's never too late. Although, you're right: you SHOULD have joined TS sooner. If you really want to check out one of my other scripts, I'd recommend "Henchmen." I'm grooming that and "Yes-Man" for the contest season. But my advice to you would be to dedicate your efforts to assigned scripts. Get those credits!

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