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Hi. I used to write, then I stopped. Then I started again....


Hi. I used to write, then I stopped. Then I started again.

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  • A review of A Most Dangerous Man
    by Tim.Roman on 11/29/2013
    This may be one of the breeziest and fastest reads of anything I've read on Triggerstreet. Even compared to professional scripts in the same genre, this moves along at a brilliant pace. There's people who may criticize you for spelling things out, or writing "unfilmables" in the actions lines. Ignore that nonsense. Everything here comes across with simplicity and clarity. Well... read
  • A review of Reincarceration
    by Tim.Roman on 11/20/2013
    I have some bad news. Right away, this script fails. Before page one, before the cover page, before you created a single character, before you wrote a single word. Because the concept doesn't work. At all. Which is unfortunate because you. can. write. Quite well. In fact, dialog wise, this may be one of the most unique and vibrant things I've read on TS, and it holds up... read
  • A review of Extradition
    by Tim.Roman on 11/18/2013
    Okay, so letís jump right into this one. I hate to start off on a negative, but the cut-off age for California Highway Patrol is 35. I discovered this via 5 seconds of research on Google. Merrick needs to be younger. Beyond that, his line about ďwanting to protect peopleĒ and leaving a seemingly lucrative career as a software engineer is a rather cheesy. Furthermore, itís... read
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  • macaggiano on 11/19/2013

    Thanks so much for reviewing Extradition. This is exactly what I was looking for! It's very much a first draft, so it's great to hear story and logic issues now, before wasting time polishing dialogue and scenes that'll probably be cut down the line anyway. Hope I can return the favor some time.
  • MikeBMC on 11/16/2013

    Thanks for your review of Switchblade. You went pretty deep on all your points and they were all valid. I will be taking it all into consideration. It's easily one of the most helpful and thought out reviews I've received. Thanks a ton, mike
  • randitorrr on 11/14/2013

    Thank you for taking the time to review Synaesthesia. I understand and appreciate your opinion.
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