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I'm a 22-year-old film student at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario....


I'm a 22-year-old film student at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

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  • by timtamincanada on 05/01/2005
    You had a cute idea for a two minute short film - the fact that the original was six minutes is astonishing to me. The old adage is to always leave them wanting more, and you do the complete opposite - you give too much. For that reason, I just cannot recommend this film - it's a one-trick pony. The one joke goes on about 50 times longer than it should. There are several... read
  • A review of Signs of Love
    by timtamincanada on 02/26/2005
    This is a cute little movie. First of all, you used some very good camera angles, which I can appreciate (there seems to be a problem with animated movies here that they're so impressed with the animation that they forget it's a movie and don't bother doing anything dynamic with the camera) - so good job on that.As for content, what can you say? It satisfied my curiosity... read
  • A review of Temptation Vacation
    by timtamincanada on 02/24/2005
    At first, I thought this was like a Friends episode - the guy missed out and predictably the other two do well. But in the end, it turned out like a Full House episode! (eg. learn a valuable life lesson about not wasting your summer, ahhhhh). Seriously though...your sound was really good (I read your production notes) - professional quality even. The dialogue was very well... read
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