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  • A review of The Tree
    by trisha0213 on 08/21/2009
    The film is very smartly done and creatively executed. The sound was good with music creating the required suspense. Although I felt that it could have been shorter, yet I cant deny that the director took great care to put together such a smooth flowing work which is funny, cohesive and creative at the same time. Good work.
  • A review of Things We Say
    by trisha0213 on 10/16/2008
    Even though the story was neat, I felt the actors could have done a better job. I kinda liked the old-movie feel of it, with the washed out background and the television set. But what stays with me is the performance which made it hard for me to believe that the guy was losing it. Granted its a short and its not feasible to sketch characters in shorts, but still a little of... read
  • by trisha0213 on 10/16/2008
    I really thought this was quite spunky. It was not what I had expected from the title. When I saw the cast list prior to playing it, I was like, ok, another director who is trying to be an actor or vice versa but then I was so pleasantly surprised to see how the shots were mixed with what seemed like original footage with the color screened background image. And even though... read
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