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I come from a family that devours words the way others devour chocolate....


I come from a family that devours words the way others devour chocolate.

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  • A review of Haven Issue #1
    by vanfilm09 on 10/14/2009
    Haven presents a fully realized vision of a post apocalyptic Earth. The artwork has depth and the characters are portrayed with emotion. The downside for me was that this story covered territory that has been explored by some of the great science fiction writers and that makes it hard to avoid comparisons. I found some of the transitions awkward and it took me a couple... read
  • A review of The Epiphany
    by vanfilm09 on 10/09/2009
    I couldn't tell you if this story was well written or not because I can't get past my loathing for the main character. This was a purely viceral reaction that took hold on page 3 when he began talking about his wife. Prior to that I was fairly ambivalent about the characters inner life but could see how the ideas had visual potential with all the pop culture references.... read
  • A review of Necro
    by vanfilm09 on 10/08/2009
    I will be totally honest I am not a huge reader of graphic novels. That said great images are great images and interesting characters are always worth a look. I was not sure if this was offensive. Can necrophilia ever not be offensive? I wasn't sure if the woman in the church was actually dead from the drawings. She looked almost but not quite dead to me. The phrase,"she... read
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  • Brandon Williford on 10/16/2009

    One can never get enough Firefly/Serenity. :D
  • RWS on 10/12/2009

    Thanks for reviewing Necro!
  • **DELETED ACCOUNT** on 10/09/2009


    Many thanks for your kind and insightful review of, A Mother's Child. I think you're right, for this short story version I should have taken out some of the references to the wife. It's another good point you've made regarding "Mother" & "The Mother". I will see what the other reviewers say. If it's a common point I will certainly amend it.

    I've only read Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers Guide novels. I'm intrigued now, so I will look out for "The long Dark Tea Time of The Soul."

    You've paid me a great compliment near the end of your review with the following line, "I would gladly read the book."
    Trust me, it makes all the hard work worth it. Thank you so much, and take care.

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