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  • A review of 888 Subtitles
    by verbmchansen on 09/04/2004
    This has been a pleasant viewing experience. A fun to watch, creatively designed piece of cinema. 888 subtitles has a great mix of minimal special effects, comedic writing, sharp editing, and surprisingly decent acting abilities. Part slap stick, part murder thriller, this film is certainly recommended.
  • A review of Baby x
    by verbmchansen on 09/04/2004
    Baby X is a short, direct, and realistic look at what many people must suffer though in their lives. Although a bit amateurish, this short is powerful and strong, with great potential. The music works quite well with the film, and the creative use of filters when showing the sister is nice. Editing and lighting needs some work, but a great start!
  • A review of Efexor
    by verbmchansen on 02/04/2003
    The film at first, was too dark, I couldn't make out the typewriter box or barely see the latch. Then laster when the light is turned on, it eliminates all doubt about lighting. It wasn't overlooked, which gives even more credit to the director for creating an interesting piece. The music was very good and ran well with the visuals.The shot of the main character smoking &... read
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