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Young filmmaker uses HD video and 16mm film. Hunting down ecstatic truth....


Young filmmaker uses HD video and 16mm film. Hunting down ecstatic truth.

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  • VFX Non Credited Review
    A review of The Blades Edge
    by VictorFiction on 07/25/2009
    I read the caption that said how little time it took you to put this film together, but may I suggest that next time you take a bit longer on the writing. The videography looks fine, although the opening secquences could be tighter. The main problem with this film is that it isn't a story, but rather an example of special FX. The accomplishment of B-rate special effects using... read
  • A review of Thwarted
    by VictorFiction on 07/25/2009
    Elmer, this is so refreshing. I was worried at first because a lot of these pieced-together-archive-footage films end up going nowhere, but introducing yourself was key. This can easily be written off as self-indulgent, which is its biggest weakness. That said, if people will keep watching and suspend their judgment, they will hopefully see the value in this poetic exposition... read
  • A review of The Seance
    by VictorFiction on 07/07/2009
    So the first thing that stood out was that it is clear you spent some money on this short. The production value is high and it helps in some areas but still lacks in others. First the piece feels incomplete. So many shorts fall victim to this but having spent all that money it's a little disappointing that that is the feeling I am left with. It could be worse though, at least... read
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  • gapoz on 08/22/2009

    People will have to bounce back and forth to follow this conversation won't they.. No offense taken my friend. It just happened to be the first thing I saw after a long night and I probably should have finished drinking my coffee before engaging my limited intellect. Please do understand that I am generally more critical of pieces where I believe some talent and care has been taken in the production. As a no budget filmmaker, I am always painfully aware of how hard it really is to do, and why pro films have so many credits. I tend to be tougher when I see potential in other words, whereas when I get the sense the filmmaker didn't really care, I just give a 50 word minimum since I feel if they don't care about their film, they won't care about my review. Sometimes I guess, after seeing so many short films of widely varying quality, I guess I am guilty of forgetting to look deep enough into what the producer is trying to say. I sincerely wish you the very best in your efforts, and do hope to see more of your work.
  • gapoz on 08/22/2009

    Thanks for your feedback in regards to my review of Victorfiction. I am sorry my review was not to your expectations and you felt the need to explain in depth what I should have taken from the film. Films are curious things my friend. The sharper the point, the less area it is likely to impact. I'm sure many people will enjoy your film, although a smaller number will enjoy it for the same reasons you take pride in it. In the end, your audience will individually take away what they wish and you will have nothing but the film itself to influence those thoughts, so it must obviously stand on it's own.

    You will not have the opportunity to personally review every reviewer. My opinions are just that. My opinions. You suggest I be open minded. I believe I am quite open minded my friend. I suggest you do the same and accept that everyone will see your film(s) through their own prism. If you prefer I not review your films than I will honor that request. Best of luck with your projects.
  • whytefalcon88 on 07/25/2009

    Hi! Your right the film I did which you watched and found boring is a little boring. It was one of my earlier pieces, this is probably more up your alley
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