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  • A review of Can't See Me
    by will_work_for_camera on 11/26/2011
    The title says it. I totally got the superior camera, lighting and production work. One word Superior. Ok two words, Refreshing to see this standard of quality work. The over-all story was there for me, but I got lost in the subtitles. I got the artsy stuff with the rope and feeling tied to a bottle, a person, even the subliminal sports. Really clever when I think back on it... read
  • by will_work_for_camera on 11/26/2011
    This micro-documentary was just that too short. I enjoyed the concept but wanted more than three minutes of video and about a 1/3 was voice-over. I have to say I wanted to see more than a few people swinging a sword in the garb. The title says Demo and I felt cheated. I felt after the introduction portion that I would get a glimpse inside of training and teachings. You see... read
  • A review of Nicks
    by will_work_for_camera on 11/15/2011
    Once again a story with less is more. Brilliant work with the story. Simple sometimes is the best approach. Hats off to you. Simple camera and edits, work. I feel that if you had a RED camera in the apartment, on the street and tons of lighting gear then it would give it that over produced for the story feel. Aging is a process and with the style and comfort this was shot... read

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  • doonae on 11/27/2011

    Hey, thanks for the positive review of Can't See Me. All the best, Chris.
  • brokenarrow on 11/16/2011

    Thank you for taking the time to veiw & review Trouble Child...

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