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Twenty six year old writer. Love movies, love to write....


Twenty six year old writer. Love movies, love to write.

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  • A review of FREE TED'S HEAD
    by womplet9 on 03/30/2004
    As a baseball fan, I was keen on the premise. I immediately thought that this is something Affeleck and Damon would love (being they're Bostonites). This script has a lot of potential that I think a solid rewrite would help make better. The whole plan behind getting the head was good. How it was carried out seemed confusing and too far fetched. The older ballplayers and the... read
  • A review of The Return
    by womplet9 on 01/31/2003
    great film work. i really enjoyed the cuts and editing technigue. The story is not to orginial, but the stregnth of this piece i think is to show what the director, camera man, editor can do. team these guys or girls up with the right script and you'll have a good looking movie.
  • by womplet9 on 11/17/2002
    This is a very interesting tale of brotherhood. I would like to see the relastionship between the two brothers further developed. Nawaz motivaitons need to be cleatrer. What is the history of these two brothers. Why did Anwar leave and choose a different life. Politically, I think the reader needs some more info onto what is going on this country. Americans are often a little... read
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