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BFA - Film Studies. BCOMM - Accounting (Financial Services). Producer, Director, Writer, Accountant. Warmest Regards, _B....


BFA - Film Studies. BCOMM - Accounting (Financial Services). Producer, Director, Writer, Accountant. Warmest Regards, _B.

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  • A review of Reunion
    by YBU on 05/21/2012
    I enjoyed the tension between the two old friends. Those little moments of dominance and friendly sniping at each other's competence was realistic and engaging. The embarrassment of the Doctor was thorough and ever escalating. Classic comedy. Take a person of integrity and have them totally fail, ever increasing their humiliation to completely exaggerated ends. I must... read
  • A review of The Room
    by YBU on 05/17/2012
    Errors... Page 11, routine, not routing Page 12, need a paragraph break at “Weeks” Page 13, it’s coma, not comma. Bottom of 13, financially, not financial Page 14, “It was a rock group…” Character... I would say that Jake is a fair outline for a character. A caricature, even. A real estate agent who is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse and who feels pity for himself... read
  • A review of The Ferry
    by YBU on 05/13/2012
    Short stories in general can often contain a unique voice, provide key life lessons/a moral, metaphors that extend a theme, or just a good old fashioned twist ending. A punchline, in comedic terms. This is the first short story I've read that contained a proper twist ending. I liked it. The writing was a bit muddled and hard to follow at times. I did not feel like I was... read
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  • teejae220 on 01/14/2013

    Thank you for your review of The Ferry in May 2012. As you can tell I've been offline due to family issues, but I wanted you to know that I appreciated the time you took to read and review my story.
  • Rich Berry on 07/24/2012

    You're welcome. It was a pleasure to read your work.

    You commented that I didn't find any typos but actually there are maybe one or two...minor stuff that I don't bother to mention because (1)I'm not a punctuation Nazi (2) a proofreader would do those corrections.

    Scratching my head over the ratings on this story. Not high enough IMO. Perhaps it appeals to a select audience...not for mass consumption.

    Strongly suggest submitting this story to a sci-fi publisher. Sorry, no knowledge of publishing so can't help.

    If you get a chance would you check my short story Happy Hour at Traveller's Cocktail Lounge. A fast read. Conceived like a half-hour T.V. drama in the spirit of original Twilight Zone (super low budget, one interior set with a few quick exteriors, dialogue and acting carry the load). Not asking for a review, just your personal comments would be appreciated.

  • asankagurusinghe on 05/23/2012

    Thanks for the kind review of "A bit of the Other". I'm still working on it, will add some adventures outside the ward. Good luck in your writing.
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