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Film student at the University of Warwick in England, in my final year...


Film student at the University of Warwick in England, in my final year

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  • A review of Unsung Heroes
    by youngadam on 08/14/2006
    Your script has an instantly quirky, independant-kind of feel to it. The overall structure is more adventure-like with the three characters going on one journey back to Big Town. There is a cool contrast between these two sides of the story: the classical epic-style narrative with the quirkier characters and situations, but without feeling forced or ham-fisted. The epic elements... read
  • A review of Final Seal
    by youngadam on 08/09/2006
    I really like the concept and setup of this: A man who wakes up in different places but doesn't know why. The explanation is also not too jarring as the religious aspect is established through the character of Thomas. First up: you should number your pages :) The pace adds to the sense of mystery and suspense, which is integral to a film of this kind. The reveal is delayed... read
  • A review of Father Max Rev. 2
    by youngadam on 08/04/2006
    I was happy to get this on my assignment list as I had reviewed the first revision and liked it a lot. First off, you haven't tinkered too much with the plot of this which I was happy about, as I thought the first draft was pretty much airtight. It has a good pace and the large number of characters just about get equal billing, which is good. The establishment of Francis now... read
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